What did cherry mean when she said, “things are rough all over” ? the outsiders


the present continuous is a verb tense which is mainly used to indicates that an action is in progress at the moment of speaking.  

it is formed using: person + verb to be (am/is/are) +verb + - ing form  

example: i am studying at this moment .

in addition, the present continuous is also used in order to express things that will or will not happen in the near future.

example: i am having dinner with some friends tonight.

the speaker sometimes   uses it   to express that an action is repeated and it causes irritation on the part of the speaker

example: my sister is constantly complaining about everything.

a biography is a genre that mainly accounts somebody's life and that is written by somebody else. this genre supports sonia nazario's desire to share enrique's life because she can fully inform readers of his entire emotional journey.

in a biography, an author can share the readers almost everything about a person's life, or just one key event or personal aspect the author is interested in telling, like in this specific case in which sonia nazario is centered in enrique's emotional journey.

I believe that when cherry valance described things as being rough all over, she meant that life
Is a double sided coin, and that there’s good and bad things that plague people’s lives no matter how good they may seem to have it.

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