Read the excerpt below and answer the question. " sang of the just son of anchises who embarked from troy (i, 73-74) in referring to the aeneid, virgil makes a(n) a. canto b. symbol c .terza rima d. allusion


gothic and dark natured

its probably fingerprint or personality


Explanation: Odyssey Ware


An allusion is a reference to another published work. The Aeneid is a published work so by referring to it, Virgil makes an allusion. A canto is a section of a long poem - this is not a reference. A symbol is when an object represents or stands for an idea. One of the most common symbols is the heart which can symbolize love. Terza rima is a group of triplets especially in rhyme, such as when a rhyme scheme is ABA, BCB, CDC, DED

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