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pandora was the poor unfortunate soul that was tricked into letting all of the evil of the world out of the pithos (any percy jackson fans out / box.... Read More
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on apex it's achieving success is not just a matter of pure talent; it also depends on opportunities and encouragement. if you can do not remove this. it can the other apex user... Read More
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even though there may be variations in human emotions over time, the poem “ a contribution to statistics” by wislawa symborska suggests that the only unchangeable characteristic is... Read More
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Lizbeth7what does henry david thoreau believe people should do when they think a law is unfair? a. make plans to move to another country with better lawsb. write a letter tod. igno... Read More
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The ferrell family adopted jason not to be parents but to have him do chores. they were crude and adopted him as a maid instead of a son.... Read More
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It would take days to get to the other side of this jungle of vines, hedges, shrubs, and weeds.emma was determined to find the way through this maze of pathways, tunnels, and bridg... Read More
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absolutism the political belief that one ruler should hold all of the power within the boundaries of a country.... Read More
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common stockholders usually have the right to vote on major issues affecting the company, like mergers and liquidation of the corporation's assets. they also have part ownership of... Read More
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