Define step five of the risk management (rm) process? as a future sergeant major, provide an example and explain what your role is in the step?



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Risk Management includes :  

Risk Identification  

Risk Analysis  

Risk Evaluation  

Risk Response  

Risk Review  

Each of the five stages are performed efficiently to comprehend the Risk and find a way to relieve the risk.  

The Fifth step that is hazard checking and chance audits allude to a procedure where the best possible follow up is done, vulnerabilities are observed and surveyed and remedial moves can be made to ensure that hazard later on. Along these lines, the last advance can be named as a controlling advance to avert future vulnerabilities.  

As a future CSM/SGM, the task that I am taking care of might be looked at with unsure occasions like machine disappointment, changes in the earth like innovative up-degree that may leave my venture in a genuine misfortune, so before beginning the undertaking itself it is essential to investigate the potential vulnerabilities. By perceiving and keeping up an exhaustive rundown of errand dangers, surprising difficulties and hindrances can be killed and brilliant open doors can be recognized.  

My job, particularly at the last stage, is to survey the dangers and ensure that it doesn't happen later on and must be kept away from at any expense and it has been distinguished and an arrangement to moderate such dangers should likewise be set up to beat the hazard and maintain a strategic distance from any monetary misfortune. It helps venture groups and accomplices, less restless. The final product is to moderate the impact of undertaking dangers and hold onto the motivating forces that happen.

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