Which type of attack modifies the fields that contain the different characteristics of the data that is being transmitted?


C. SQL injection.


SQL is a relational database that is used by websites and web applications to hold data needed in the application. websites or applications with relational database like SQL are prone to SQL injection attacks.

SQL injection attacks are used to run malicious SQL statement to take control of the databases run by a website or application. With the vulnerability, an attacker can modify the content of a website's SQL database or can retrieve all data from it, after bypassing the security.

The data transmitted to the website or application from the fields in the datasheet can be manipulated or modified.

An HTTP Header attack


In web applications an HTTP refers to Hypertext Transfer Protocol and an HTTP Header is the value that is displayed in  a request or response message, the header has a name and a value separated by a colon.

An HTTP header attack called an header injection is a vulnerability that is present when users' inputs are required for the dynamic generation of HTTP headers. This vulneraility allows several security threats to be carried out, some examples are:

Malicious site redirection Cross-site scripting, and Session fixation through the set-cookie header

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