Ineed writing this function. i'm not too familiar with vectorslanguage: c++//requires: v is not empty//effects: returns a summary of the dataset as (value, frequency) pairs// in the returned vector-of-vectors, the inner vector is a (value, frequency)// pair. the outer vector contains many of these pairs. the pairs should be// sorted by value.// {// {1, 2},// {2, 3},// {17, 1}// }// this means that the value 1 occurred twice, the value 2 occurred 3 times,// and the value 17 occurred oncestd: : vector > summarize(std: : vector v); we are also given a sorting function that sorts the vector from smallest to largest number.//modifies: v//effects: sorts vvoid sort(std: : vector & v);


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Through the process of sedimentation,sediment is turned back to rock to form sedimentation.the process of sedimentation is: > deposition-where fragments were deposited into the river or sea under gravity or travelling agent such as wind or water. > sedimentation-the fragments deposited in the river sedimented and accumulate> compaction-the layers of fragments deposited undergoes compaction due to the weight if the upper layers> cementation-chemical substance of the fragments such as cement dissolved into the water and cement the other fragments together to form sedimentary rock.thus,cementation and compaction are the process.on the other hand, transformation only occur when a rock under goes metamorphism(compaction or extreme heat).while recrystillization occurs when a rock is melted and cooled down,which also requires metamorphism to take place.hope it !

answer; i believe the correct answer to be the parents and primary groups bears most of the responsibility for socialization in the cooley's theory;

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