Peter is software designer working at a big software company. he just found out that he has been shifted to their downtown branch. peter is upset because his manager did not consult him over this move. what kind of environment is prevalent in peter’s company?

the managers at peter’s company have an __ environment.


Peter's company shows traits consistent with an authoritarian environment, in which the will of the organization overrides those of its individual members. In such a system, Peter's desire to move (or lack thereof) is secondary to the needs of the system.

The answer is: Autocratic or authoritarian environment

In authoritarian environment, the upper managers do not involve the lower level employees in the decision making process.

This company value a strong chain of command. This mean that the employees of such company are expected to be fully obedient to the decisions by the higher level managers even if the decision is extremely inconvenient to them/.

autocratic environment.


It can be said that Peter works in an autocratic environment, characterized by the authoritarianism of the leaders and the decision-making process totally focused only on the high hierarchy.

This work environment has greater control over employees and their activities because there is an inflexible chain of command, and subordinates must obey the decisions of their superiors even if it is not convenient.

There are some unfavorable points of the autocratic environment, such as the demotivation of employees due to lack of freedom and autonomy at work.

The managers at Peter’s company have an Autocratic environment.


The managers who are autocratic in nature make decisions on their own. They will never get insights of their employees and they will not take the inputs of them in taking any decisions. This type of management is suitable in an organisation where there is an urgent need to taking decisions to any matter.

Managers who are autocratic in nature will make decisions without consulting anyone's advice.  This type suits those organisations wherein there are very less number of employees. Here, the manager of Peter did not consulted peter in making decisions related to him, the environment is authoritarian or autocratic.  

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