A6.26 g sample of a solid containing ni is dissolved in 20.0 ml water. a 5.00 ml aliquot of this solution is diluted to 100.0 ml and analyzed in the lab. the solution was determined to contain 5.28 ppm ni. determine the molarity of ni in the 20.0 ml solution.


30litre of li2o is 1.0002mole approximately 1 mole

yes it is balanced

Concentration of Ni in 20mL = 5.28ppm x dilution factor = 5.28 x 100/5 = 105.6 ppm = 105.6 mg/L 

molar mass of Ni = 58.6934 g
Molarity of Ni = 100.40 x 10^{-3} / 58.6934 = 1.71 x 10^{-3} M = 1.71 mM. 

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