How many h atoms in the formula: 3 h2so4


•There are 3 molecules in the formula 3H2SO4

Explanation: H2SO4 is one molecule and the number 3 shows there are 3 molecules

•There are 4 Al atoms in the formula 2Al2(CO3)3

Explanation: It shows there are 2 molecules of Al2(CO3)3 and each of those molecules has 2 Al atoms, so in total there are 2x2 Al atoms= 4 Al atoms

•There are 9 Total atoms in the formula 3MgBr2

Explanation: There are 3 molecules of MgBr2 and each molecule has 1 Mg atom and 2 Br atoms = 3 atoms for each molecule. The 3 molecules have 3x3 atoms = 9 atoms
There are 2 in the formula.. hope this helped 
THe answer is B.)2
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a. Silver; chlorine  

b. One atom of Ag; one atom of Cl

c. Two atoms total


7 atoms there are
6H, 3S, and 12O
6 + 3 + 12 = 21
I believe 21 is your answer. I may be wrong, but I hope this helps anyways!
4 because there is 2 at the front and 2 already part of the compound so you need to multiply it.
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There are 6 H atoms

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