Grinding quartz crystals down to produce sand is an example of a
change of state.
chemical reaction.
chemical change.
physical change.


This is earth science, not PHY. Your answer would be D sir.
The answer is D because the chemical makeup has not changed. It is still the same quartz just looks different. 

Hope that helps! God bless!
D. A physical change

The makeup of it is still the same it's just ground up

Grinding quartz crystals down to produce sand is an example of a physical change. Correct D Physical change is a change of the form of a chemical substance, but not its chemical composition. And this is exactly what grinding quartz crystals is. A physical change differs from a chemical change in that new substances are formed.

D. physical change. It's kind of self explanatory because it's physically changing the quartz crystals into a sand. I hope this helps! 

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