For a science experiment, matt places a flashlight on the table on the east side of a potted plant. he covers the plant and flashlight with a darkened box. matt waits several days, then checks to see how the plant is growing. which of the following results is an example of phototropism?

a- the plant grows toward the south.

b- the plant grows toward the west.

c- the plant grows toward the east.

d- the plant continues to grow upward.


Which is an example of phototropism?

C. a plant bending toward the light

Vines growing up a wall is an example of thigmotropism

i think it is A

Step-by-step explanation:

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I believe the answer is A

Step-by-step explanation:


Positive phototropism is growth toward a light source, and negative phototropism is growth away from a light source. ... Sunflowers are a great example of positive phototropism, because not only do their stems curve toward the light but their flowers turn to face the sunlight as well.

B is the answer



Phototropism is defined as a growth of a plant (or organism) in response to light. Generally, the stems show positive phototropism (growth towards light), and roots show negative phototropism (growth away from light). Light is an important energy source for the growth of plants, thus plants show growth and bending toward the light.

Thus, the correct answer is 'option B). a plant bending toward the light.'

An example of phototropism would be: "a plant bending toward the light"


The Latin root word photo means light

The Greek suffix tropism means: the turning of all or part of an organism in a particular direction

With that being said... The turning of all or part of an organism in the direction of light is known as phototropism

Your answer is C.) a plant bending toward the light

1. true
2. true
3. false
4. false
5. true
6. true
C- The plant grows towards the east

This is because the plant is 'attracted' to the light, and will grow in the direction of the light.

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