The following is a procedure that was theoretically performed by a student. Read through the procedure and answer the questions below. 1. A 10.0 mL graduated cylinder to measure 10.0 mL of a 1,00 M CaCl2 solution into an initially empty 50.0 ml beaker
2. A 50.0 ml graduated cylinder was then used to measure out 25.0 mL of 0.500 M K2CO3. This K. CO, solution was then added to the beaker containing the CaCl, solution. The solution became cloudy, and the student concluded that a precipitate must have formed. Write a balanced chemical reaction below, including phases, and identify the chemical formula of the precipitate:
3. The student then collected the precipitate by filtering it using the gravity filtration apparatus
After the solid was collected, it was dried on a hot plate three times. The following data was collected
Mass of solid product after first heating (g) 1.0250
Mass of solid product after second healing (g) 0.9723
Mass of solid product after third heating (g) 0.9719
Answer the questions below:
1. Is the solid product dry? How do you know?
2. What is the actual yield of the product?
3. Using stoichiometry, calculate the limiting reactant, and the theoretical yield (the mass of Caco, product) for the reaction,
4. Determine the percent yield of the reaction.


2c5h5 + fe -> fe(c5h5)2
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Most smaller stars don't have a radiative zone.

the electrical  conductivity  of asolution  of an electrolyte is measured by determining the resistance of thesolution  between two flat or cylindrical electrodes separated by a fixed distance.

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