Medical procedures and treatments can utilize radioactive waste from nuclear power plants. *


16- counting by fours
Adozen is 12, and your needing to calculate the weight of one medium egg, so i would do 21/12=1.75 per egg, and check your answer by doing 1.75 * 12= 21 : ) : ): ): ): ) i hoped i
Most likely a is the answer - because  you generate   38 atp's but also consume an atp.   each atp gives approx. less than 4 kcal so probably a is the closest answer.

periodic trends is an atom that gets larger as the number of electronic shells increase, the radius of atoms increases as you go down a certain group in the periodic table of elements. in general, the size of an atom will decrease as you move from left to right of a certain period.

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