Analysis 1. Look back to the data table you made for your substance. What observation about the density calculati
can you make for each volume measurement? [1mark] Why do you think this happens? [2marks] ( please can someone help me it due today) where actually experementing abour saturated water and measured it ​


I chose Seattle.
Our cell membrane is the City Limits, it allows certain things in and rejects other things, like per say a wanted criminal would not be let into the city while a normal citizen would be let in.
The nucleus is the part of a cell that controls the cells activity and it contains the cells DNA.
Our Nucleus is Mayor Durkans, she makes the big decisions on what should happen to the city, like the Nucleus in a cell.
Our Cytoplasm for our Analogy is the rain, it is pretty much always raining there and even if it isn't you can still smell the rain
Our Rough ER for our alalogy is buses and trains, they are more rough in the sense that it is public transport rougher and harder to use than your own car.
Our Smooth ER for our analogy is cars, or more specifically your personal car, most cars are sleek and smooth and you also don't have to make any unnecessary stops to get to your destination
The Golgi Apparatus for our analogy is in state colleges because, when citizens go to college they usually go and presu what they want to do, a lot of the time outside of the city they lived in.
Our Ribosomes for our analogy is city hall it is where you are officially made a citizen of Seattle.
The Lysosomes for our analogy is the demolition crew, they destroy old worn down buildings and other places for new and better things to then be made.
Our Mitochondria for this analogy is businesses they make energy and give liveliness to the city like it's providing it with energy
The Cytoskeleton in our analogy is, mouney, money helps keep the city from failing because without money the city would fail.
Our Proteins for our analogy are citizens, the city is built to serve and help citizens living there.
Daniel is a young man
Answer is B hope this helps

YEA MAYBE STOP YELLING theres my advice like wht r u doing?

Step-by-step explanation:

Step-by-step explanation:

We have,

Mass of ball is 9 kg

Initial speed, u = 5 m/s

Final speed, v = -2 m/s (negative as it bounces off)

(a) The change in velocity of the bowling ball is :

\Delta v=v-u\\\\\Delta v=-2-5\\\\\Delta v=-7\ m/s

(b) Change of momentum of the ball is :

p=m\Delta v\\\\p=90\times (-7)\\\\p=-630\ kg-m/s

|p| = 630 kg-m/s

(c) Impulse momentum theorem states that the change in momentum of the ball is equal to the impulse exerted on the ball. So, impulse is 630 kg-m/s.

(d) Impulse is also given by :

J=F\times t\\\\F=\dfrac{J}{t}\\\\F=\dfrac{630}{0.3}\\\\F=2100\ N




All of the above are great examples!

"Endothermic reactions are those which absorb heat during the reaction."

1. Carros : masculino. plural

2. Blusa : femenino, singular

3. Manzanas : femenino, singular

4. Juegos : masculino, plural

5. Jugo : masculino, singular

6. Restaurants : masculino plural

7. Amarillos : masculino, plural

8. Papel : masculino, singular

9. Cuadernos : masculino, plural

10. Escuela : femenino singular

11. Oficinas : femenino, plural

12. Sandalia : femenino, singular

13. Playas : femenino, plural

14. Fiesta : femenino, singular

15. Galletas : femenino, plural

16. Papa : femenino, singular

17. Tiendas : femenino, plural

18. Parque : masculino, singular

19. Adjetivos: masculino, plural.

"Daniel was a faithful young man."


This presents the topic that will be supported with details in the paragraph.

1. Plural
2. Singular
3. Plural
4. Plural
5. Singular
6. Plural
7. Plural
8. Singular
9. Plural
10. Singular
11. Plural
12. Singular
13. Plural
14. Singular
15. Plural
16. Singular
17. Plural
18. Singular

I hope it helps you!

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