3. If a compound has a flammability rating of 3 or 4. what are the precautions that are necessary if that compound is used? Which pictogram would be on the SDS sheet?


Answer: temperature? i hope this and have a wonderful
Hello! data: p (pressure) = 1.25 atmv (volume) = ? (in l)t (temperature) = 298 kn (number of mols) = 0.900 molesr (gas constant) = 0.082 (atm*l/mol*k)apply the data to the clapeyron equation (ideal gas equation), see: p*v = n*r*t1.25*v = 0.900*0.082*2981.25v = 21.9924v = \dfrac{21.9924}{1.25} v = 17.59392\: \to\: \boxed{\boxed{v\approx 17.6\: l}}\end{array}}\qquad\checkmarki hope this . =)
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Ais the correct answer

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