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a rain shadow is a dry region of land on the side that is protected against the prevailing winds of a mountain range. the prevailing winds are the winds that occur most of the time in a particular place of the earth

prevailing winds carry air toward the mountain range. as the air rises up over a mountain range, the air cools, water vapor condenses, and clouds form. on this side of the mountains, called the windward side, precipitation falls in the form of  rain  or snow. this dry air produces a  rain shadow.

b. acid is the correct answer @jayxboof all social media

acid : acids are those which accepts an electron-pairs.

base : bases are those which donates ab electron-pairs.

alkali : it is a base that dissolves in water. it is basically a base and the ph greater than 7.

hydroxide ion : it is a poly-atomic ion which is negatively charged.


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