What do the following results from the TEST FOR LIFE tab indicate about the sample?

What do the following results from the TEST FOR LIFE tab indicate about the sample?


The atomic number for Neon is 10.

I do not see the info for the second part of the question

The result for TEST FOR LIFE is that the sample produces ATP. The sample is plant.


The chloroplasts are cell structures that are photosynthesis. The Golgi apparatus is the site transport of substance out of the cell. Mitochondria is the site of cellular respiration.

The two main functions of organelle is that it stores the herediatary material, DNA and it coordinates the cell's activities like growth, intermediary metabolism, protein synthesis, and reproduction. Eukaryotes are the cells of advanced organisms have a nucleus.

The results of the sample produces ATP, the sample is plant and the plant cells have an envelope surrounding the nucleus.

Hello. You forgot to add the image needed to answer that question and forgot the answer options. The image is attached below and the answer options are:

"A. The sample produces ATP. B. The sample is photosynthetic. C. The sample is a plant. D. Answers A and C. "

D. Answers A and C


The samples shown above reveal that they have a positive ATP control. This process is carried out through photosynthesis, where the light energy absorbed by the sun is transformed into chemical energy, ATP, during the first phase.

Based on the photosynthesis process for the production of ATP, we can conclude that the sample is a plant, since photosynthesis is a plant process.

Hat do the following results from the TEST FOR LIFE tab indicate about the sample? 1066AQ5

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