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Covalent bonds are formed mainly between two non metals as electrostatic or ionic bond is prevented from being formed take the example of methane or CH4 (4 means four atoms of hydrogen) in this covalent bonding one atom of carbon combines with four atoms of hydrogen carbon also forms a large number of compounds or more commonly called hydrocarbons due to its property called catenation here hydrogen wishes to gain one electron to obtain duplet atomic structure of helium its closest noble gas element and carbon requires eight electrons in its outermost shell to attain a stable electronic configuration therefore carbon give one electron to each of the four hydrogen atoms and hence hydrogen attain the duplet electronic configuration having two electrons in its outermost shell and carbon loses four electrons from its outermost shell and four hydrogen atoms gain one electron from carbon forming methane covalent bond
Both atoms must be non-metals,
Both atoms must have an incomplete outer energy level / shell of electrons

The coupon rate attached to these bonds will need to be increased than other corporate bond issues in order to attract investors.


Bonds are assessed to be less attractive than the other bonds are mainly because its returns does not yield as high as other bonds with the similar risk level. In other words, the higher the risk of the bond, the higher the return the bond should offered to be as attractive as their peers.

For Bathtub Brewing Company's bond, there may be some reasons such as lower coupon rate, higher risk attached to the bond or the company itself which make the bond less attractive.

Thus, coupon rate needs to be raised up so that the firm's bond may generate a higher return and as a result be as attractive as other bonds offered by other businesses.

The correct answer is C that is blanket lien.


Blanket lien is the lien or claim which provide the right to the creditor a right to seize in the event of non- payment or the default, then all kind of assets which served by debtor as a collateral.

It provides the creditor a legal interest for all of the assets of the debtor. So, the kind of legal claim against the inventory of the firm when it is used a collateral for the loan.

The answer to the question: What disorder do Jake´s symptoms suggest, would be, separation anxiety disorder.


Anxiety during separation, especially of small children between the ages of months, to 3 years, from their parents, or caregivers, is a normal thing. However, when it generates unusual behavior, really high levels of stress, and especially mood and behavioral changes, then it becomes a pathology known as separation anxiety disorder. Basically, the person, it can be a child, an adolescent, or even an adult, develops an unusally strong attachment to someone, or a place, an whenever he/she is separated from that place, or someone, his/her levels of stress reach really high levels, his/her behavior changes and displays maladaptive reactions. Also, this anxiety does not resolve on its own as time passes, and the only solution for it is for the person, or place, to be back near the person with it. Little Jake has developed that with his mother, to the point that he won´t stay in daycare unless his mother is near him. This is the very definition of SAD (separation anxiety disorder).

im not really sure but maybe awnser but i think its an electron


future liabilities:

$1,000 in 6 months

$1,000 in 1 year

Present value of bond I (due in 6 months):

PV = $1,000 / (1 + 3%) = $970.87

Present value of bond II (due in 1 year):

PV = $1,000 / (1 + 3.5%)² = $933.51

The price of the bonds is determined by the annual yield rate (YTM), not the coupon rate. Joe will pay $970.87 for bond I and $933.51 for bond II.

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