Aprocess uses 63,400 scf/h of natural gas. what is the annual cost of natural gas used in the process?


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It is known that 1 SCF produces approximately 1000 Btu of thermal energy.

As it is not mentioned for how many hours the gas is used in this process. Therefore, we assume that the total number of hours natural gas used in this process are as follows.

        365 \times 24 = 8760 hours

Now, we will calculate the annual cost of natural gas used in the process as follows.

               8760 \times 63400

              = 555384000 SCF

Hence, annual cost of natural gas used in this process = loss of thermal energy

This will be equal to,  555384000 \times 1000

                           = 555,384,000,000 BTU

Thus, we can conclude that the annual cost of natural gas used in the process is 555,384,000,000 BTU.

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