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which statements best describe characteristics unique to renewable resources? check all that apply.


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Answer;Renewable resources are abundant.Renewable resources can be used to generate electricity. Renewable resources can be replaced when used. Renewable resources are found in nature.Explanation;Renewable resources are those resources that are continuously in supply since they are replenished naturally over short periods of time. These resources therefore can be used repeatedly. they include fresh water, solar energy and air among others.On the other hand, Non renewable resources are those that are limited in supplies they include, natural resource, coal, oil and nuclear.  Natural resources are abundant, and most of them are resources that are found in nature and are replaced when used such as air and solar energy etc, some can be used to generate hydroelectricity.

Renewable resources are abundant, renewable resources can be used to generate electricity, renewable resources can be replaced when used, renewable resources are found in nature

Renewable resources are abundant.

Renewable resources can be used to generate electricity.

Renewable resources can be replaced when used.

Renewable resources are found in nature.


Renewable resources are resources that are abundant in nature and when used can easily be replenished at fast rate.

Non-renewable resources are limited in nature. They have to be conserved to ensure their all round availability. They are not quickly and easily renewed as it takes several years for them to form. Usually, it takes millions of years to form.

Renewable resources all abounds around us. Water, air, biomass etc are all renewable resources. We cannot use them up. Renewable resources can be harnessed to generate electricity. Hydroelectricity comes from water. Resources are renewable because of the ease by which they can be replaced when used up. They can also be found in nature.

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