Cfcs break down to form chemicals that react
with ozone. is this a macroscopic or a microscopic
observation? ​


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the dependant variable is spilled water

the independent is the heat

answer: -


na + cl ⇌ nacl

balanced chemical equation:

na + 2cl ⇌ nacl2

sodium + clorine goes to form sodium chloride (table salt).

the product is nacl2.

and the reactants are na and cl.

(note: if you don’t know what ⇌ means, read below: -

⇌(double head arrow) means reversible reaction).

answer: a tank of height h is filled with water and sits on the ground. water squirts from a hole at a height y above the ground and has a range r. for two y values, 0 and h, r is zero. determine the value of y for which the range will be a maximum.


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