What element has the same valence electrons as carbon a) n b) ai c) si or d) be



answer: 2c_5h_5+1fe\rightarrow 1fe(c_5h_5)_2

the reaction is type of combination reaction.


? c_5h_5+? fe\rightarrow ? fe(c_5h_5)_2

on the product side, there are 2 molecules of c_5h_5 bonded to fe   which means one atom of fe are combined two molecules of c_5h_5. so, balanced chemical equation becomes :

2c_5h_5+1fe\rightarrow 1fe(c_5h_5)_2

this reaction follows the reaction type of combination reaction. a combination reaction is defined as chemical reaction in which reactants combines together to form a single product.

a+b\rightarrow ab



The outer shells of both elements have 4 electrons

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