Which of the following is a binary molecular compound? ​


Explanation:Rrules for naming binary compounds.

1. The less electronegative element is written first.This is not always true for all elements.Nonmetals follow this order:C,p,N,H,S,I,Br,Cl,O,F.

2.The right numeric prefix is used example mono for 1 atom,did for 2 atoms,tri for 3 atoms,tetra for 4 atoms.etc

3. The second element is named after the first with the ending of the element's name changed to-ide then the right prefix is used for the second element.

4.Drop the 'a' in a prefix ending in one prior to the one starting with the vowel'o'. Example write tetroxide instead of tetra oxide.

32. A binary compound is a compound that contains two non metals.

33. A binary acid is a compound that contains a hydrogen atom that is bonded to a non metal in its molecule.They are called hydracids.The general formular is H-X.Examples are HCl,H2S, etcwhile oxyacid are compounds that are composed of hydrogen,oxygen and other elements in the molecule. An eample is HClO3.

34. N2O3 will be named dintrogentetroxide.This is because it is a covalent compound and will follow rule 2 by putting the right numeric prefix based on the number of atoms of nitrogen and oxygen in the molecule.The 'a"at the end of tetra dropped because of the vowel 'o'in the next letter.

35. a. Molecular formulae of iodic acid is HIO3

b.Molecular formulae for disulfurtrioxide is


c.Molecular formulae for dinirtrogenmonoxide is N2O

d. Hydrogenchloric ice HCl

36. Answer 35


Question 1.

1. Name in same order as formula.

2. Drop the last syllable (or two) of last element and add -ide.                  

3. Add prefixes to each element to show how many of each.

Question 2.

A binary molecular compound is a substance composed of exactly two different elements, that cannot be simplified further by chemical means. Examples of binary compounds include H2O, H2S, and NH3.

Question 3.

The Major  difference between binary acids and oxyacids is that oxyacids contain at least one oxygen atom in the molecule and binary acids do not contain oxygen. Binary acids have hydrogen and another non-metal element in the molecule. Examples of oxyacids are H2SO4, HNO3 etc. Examples of binary acids are HCl, HBr etc.

Question 4.

Step 1 - Nitrogen Oxygen

Step 2 - Nitrogen Oxide

Step 3 - Dinitrogen Tetraoxide

Question 5.

Iodic Acid -  HIO3

Disulphur Trioxide - S2O3

Dinitrogen Monoxide - N2O

HydroFluoric Acid - HF

Binary molecular compounds are the compounds consisting of two non-metallic elements. Examples of binary molecular compounds include: NO2, HCl, HF, P2O5 e.t.c.

Rules For Naming Binary Molecular Compounds

Naming binary molecular compounds is quite easy,

1. The first element is given its name.

2. The second element is given its root name (such as, hydro, carb,ox, chlor e.t.c.) followed by suffix ide.

Name of N2O4 - Dinitrogen tetraoxide

Chemical Formula of;

 iodic acid: HI

disulfur trioxide: S2O3

dinitrogen monoxide: N2O

hydrofluoric acid: HF

Difference between Binary acid and an oxyacid

An oxyacid is an acid consisting of an oxygen atom bonded to a hydrogen atom and at least one other non-metallic element. Examples of oxyacids include HNO3, H2SO4 e.t.c.

Binary acids are the acids consisting of hydrogen atom bonded to a non-metallic element. Examples include HF, HCl, HI  e.t.c.



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