What is newton's 1st law of motion

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c is having 4 valence electrons and is bonded to three hydrogens and one sulphur atom, therefore, the number of bond pair is equal to four. as all the valence electrons are used in...Read More
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Balanced the tarnishing equation:2Ag(s) + 1H₂S(g) → 1Ag₂S(s) + 1H₂(g).According to principle of mass conservation, number of atoms must be equal on both side of balanced chemical r...Read More
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IncreaseExplanation:A reaction can be exothermic or endothermic. An exothermic reaction, the heat flows from the system, means the system is losing heat, so the temperature of the...Read More
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answer: i have one answer acids are substances that ionize (break off) in an aqueous solution to produce hydrogen (h+) ionsexplanation: hope this and sorry i could only come up w...Read More
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C.) The volume stays the same, but the shape changes to fit the new container.Explanation: There are three states of matter namely solid, liquid and gas.Solids have fixed shape an...Read More
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