An atom's configuration based on its number of electrons ends at 3p4. another atom has seven more electrons. starting at 3p, what is the remaining configuration? 3p63d34s2 3p43d54s2 3p64s23d3 3p44s23d


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answer: - 3.) the oxidation state of nitrogen in no changes from +2 to 0, and the oxidation state of carbon in co changes from +2 to +4 as the reaction proceeds.

solution: - as per the rules, oxidation number of oxygen in its compounds is -2. the sum of oxidation numbers of all the elements of a molecule or compound is zero.

also, the oxidation number in elemental form is zero.

in no, the oxidation number of o is -2 so the oxidation number of n is +2 so that the sum is zero.

similarly, the oxidation number of c in co is +2 and o is -2.

on product side the oxidation number of n is 0 as it is in the elemental form(n_2) .

oxidation number of c in carbon dioxide is +4 as there are two oxygen in it and we know that each oxygen is -2.

so, oxidation number of n is changing from +2 to 0 and the oxidation number of c is changing from +2 to +4.

since nitrogen is reduced and hence no is acting as an oxidizing agent. carbon is oxidized and so co is acting as a reducing agent.

so, the right choice is number 3.)the oxidation state of nitrogen in no changes from +2 to 0, and the oxidation state of carbon in co changes from +2 to +4 as the reaction proceeds.

3p6 4s2 3d3


I just took the test its correct

Ans: 3p⁶4s²3d³

For Atom1:

Given Electronic configuration: 3p⁴

Total number of electrons = 16


It has 7 more electrons than atom1

Total number of electrons = 16+7 = 23

Electronic configuration = 3p⁶4s²3d³

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