Exercise 8-8 (Algo) Petty cash fund with a shortage LO P2 Waupaca Company establishes a $310 petty cash fund on September 9. On September 30, the fund shows $85 in cash along with receipts for the following expenditures: transportation-in, $47; postage expenses, $51; and miscellaneous expenses, $122. The petty cashier could not account for a $5 shortage in the fund. The company uses the perpetual system in accounting for merchandise inventory. Prepare (1) the September 9 entry to establish the fund, (2) the September 30 entry to reimburse the fund, and (3) an October 1 entry to increase the fund to $390.


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answer: in the short-run firms will respond by raising the price of turkey.

explanation: initially the long-run equilibrium is at a price of $5 per pound of turkey and a quantity of 50 million pounds per year. now, when webmd claims that a protein found in turkey will increase your expected lifespan by 4 years. the consumers demand for turkey will increase at every price shifting the demand curve to the right from d1 to d2. while, there will be no change in the supply curve in the short-run as it is not possible for producers to adjust supply so quickly. as a result the new equilibrium will occur at a higher price and a higher quantity of turkey.

thus, in the short run firms will respond by increasing the price of turkey, selling more quantity at a higher price and earning economic profits.

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