Rent is $1,258. phone charges last month were $46.88. groceries cost about $115/week. what is a good estimate of your monthly expenses?


If these are the only expenses you have, a good estimate would be $1765

1300.00 rent

    50.00 phone

  500.00 groceries  (115 x 4 weeks = 460.)

1850.00  (I'd say about 2000.00)

 $1764.88 is a good estimate of his monthly expenses.

Step-by-step explanation:

Since we have given that

Rent charges = $1258

Phone charges = $46.88

Groceries per week = $115

Number of weeks in a month = 4

So, Total groceries charges in a month is given by

115\times 4\\\\=\$460

So, total good estimate of monthly expenses would be


Hence, $1764.88 is a good estimate of his monthly expenses.

I'd say $1,807.00 (C)

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