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Janna and her friend Leah both work for telecommunications companies. One night over

dinner, they discuss some new product ideas they think would be successful in their industry.

Janna has a great idea that Leah loves. The next week, Leah presents the idea to her manager

who says he will consider taking it to the next new-product committee meeting. Was Leah's

action ethical? Do you consider this to be "stealing the idea from her friend?


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Leah should ask from Janna before he discusses the idea with his manager.


Leah action is not ethical since it was Janna idea and Leah presented to his manager as if it is his idea. Janna and Leah both are in same industry so if Leah promotes the Janna idea to his manager his company will be more successful than Janna. Leah should have taken permission from Janna before discussing the idea with his manager.

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