In the management section of the proposal the contractor should define the that will be performed and provide a of what each major tasks includes.


if kj of heat is transferred o 1200 g liquid water at 36'c, what would the new temperature of the water be? (he specific heat capacity of liquid water is 4.186 j/g''c)

a. 15'c




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Description of the major tasks.


Project schedule.

Related experience.

Project organization.

Equipments and facilities.


•Description of the major tasks explains the specific job duties, these duties are the major reasons for the project.

•Deliverables talks about the ability to quantify the project and what will be delivered when the work is completed.

•Project schedule: What needs to be done and the duration or time frame for which the project will be completed. It is the total work required for the project to be promptly delivered.

•Related experience : Any past job experience related to the project, a track record of successfully completed projects as it relates to the present project.

•Project organization: Structures put in place to facilitate supervision and implementation of every required project activity.

•Equipment and facilities: Items needed for the project to be completed.

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