In the context of segmentation of customers in database a variable thatincludes gender, age, income, and marital status.

(a) strategical information
(b) geographical information
(c) psychographic information(
d) demographic information


The correct option is D (The interview provides first hand insight into marshals strengths and motivations while the information does not .)


The instructive content is the reason for the contentions in the meeting. "Equal with Justice Under Law" applies to everybody paying little respect to race and shading. In the meeting, the court case that was referred to was an unmistakable grandstand of correspondence and equity.

The educational content gives certainties and insights concerning Thur-good Marshall, while the meeting presents bits of knowledge into Marshall's contemplation's and inspirations.

The answer to this questions is that Africa's population growth is most logically put down to higher birth rates.  A better question however would be WHY are the birth rates higher in Africa?  Thereby you would give a fuller answer to the question regarding the rise in population which would incorporate sexual health and contraceptive education, religious belief and how lower life expectancy increases the desire for people to have living and surviving offspring.

Plot the ordered pairs (2, 5) and (4, 10). Start at (4, 10). Move right 2 and up 5, and then plot a point. Use the same rate to plot other points. You could also draw a line through the origin and the two given points. Any point on the line represents an equivalent ratio.

Step-by-step explanation:

Letter b is correct. Geodemographic segmentation.


Geodemographic segmentation is characterized as data collection methods for classifying localities and neighborhoods in order to find possible patterns of behavior and similar demographic, social and economic characteristics among individuals residing in particular locations.

This segmentation method helps companies align their marketing and economic strategies with the potential characteristics of a particular location, so it is possible that there is an analysis and strategic planning to be more effective and focused on a region's consumer profile, consumption habits, purchasing power, competition and other factors that influence the achievement of organizational success.

I should draw on their interest in modern music, provide relatable details about Dylan’s music, and explain the Nobel Prize in Literature.

high fertility rate


just took the test got a 100

First Understand the Question

1. good

2. the space effort's sole purpose is to create more jobs for americans

3.The video centers on Gandhi's experience as a spiritual leader, while the text gives biographical information about his life as a whole.

4."In Paris, Cassatt studied with successful artists. She carefully copied paintings in the Louvre."

5.He had a vivid imagination.


2. Cartographer 
Hope this helps. c:

D) demographic information


Geographical information is a variable that includes where customers live.

Psychographic information is a variable that includes the consumers' beliefs, values and motivations.

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