Energy resources ltd. does business in 50 countries around the world. the company stresses to all employees the importance of understanding the prevailing culture in the countries that they are doing business in. in other words, the company is aware of the importance


The correct answer is cross-cultural literacy


Understanding the culture of the people of the host communities is vital to a multinational company survival in foreign countries as the host communities' acceptance plays a pivotal in the area of employing locals as well as ensuring no distruption to the business of Energy Resources Limited.

In understanding the culture of the people, employees are expected to carry out a careful and detailed evaluation of the norms, values, customs and beliefs of the locals to provide a basis for dealing and communicating with them in order to advance the interest  of the company.

Cross cultural literacy


Cross culture in the world of business refers to a company's efforts to make sure that its employees interact well with professionals from backgrounds that is different from their own.

It insinuates a recognition of national, regional, and ethnic differences in both manners and methods.

Cross culture literacy is considered very necessary for employees acting in managerial capacities. Failure to adequately communicate with subordinates or understand their motives can lead to a lot of problems within the business.

cross cultural literacy


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