What might happen to alligators in the south if the u. s. fish and wildlife service were to reduce or eliminate the tags required to hunt alligators?


answer: marginal utility of the fourth brownie is 0.

explanation: marginal utility is the addtional utility gained from the consumption of one more unit of a good. it is given by,

 mu{n} = tu{n} -tu{n-1}

so, marginal utility at the 4th unit will be given by

 mu{4} = tu{4} -tu{3}

since, the values are not given here, you can simply find marginal utility at fourth unit by subtracting total utility at 3rd unit from total utility at 4th unit.

the correct answer for apex is “ doubling a recipe and figuring out how many cups of paint to use are both examples of using math skills”.

you have to put the parentheses like this:

 (85-4) \div 9 \times 10

in fact, you have to perform the operation inside parentheses first, and then proceed in order:

 81 \div 9 \times 10 = 9 \times 10 = 90

these are the four factors that influence enterpreneurship development

1. economic development

2. culture

3.technological development

4. education

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