Suppose martin, a laptop computer salesperson, tells one of his customers that his computers are as fast as lightning. would martin's comment be considered unethical?
a. yes, because the information is deceptive, no computer is fast as lightning.
b. yes, because he is clearly lying to his customer, an act that is illegal.
c. no, because it is not reasonable to expect that his customer would take his comment literally.
d. no, because it's okay to exaggerate a product's features and benefits when talking with customers.
e. yes, because he is misleading the customer.


i think it is sales-oriented, but i am not sure

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No, because it's not reasonable to expect that his customer would take his comment literally


In the field of marketing it is always obvious that there are many statements that are given by the sales person to attract the customers and the customers are always aware of it

And in this statement it is reasonable that the customer will expect such types of comments and they will not react seriously and they will take it literally and it is also not considered unethical

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