Which type of labor does the following definition describe: "consists of workers with higher investments in education and training who operate complex equipment and perform most of their tasks with little supervision."a. unskilled laborb. semi skilled laborc. professional labord. skilled labor


Skilled Labour


Advanced skills and knowledge is situated in skilled Labour. Those that pursued higher level of education.

Skilled labour.


A skilled worker is one that posses training, special skill, knowledge and ability in a particular field. The skill learner could have been from school with the evidence of a bachelor's, masters, or doctorate degree. It could also be learner on the job.

Skilled labour usually require prolonged training, workers are specialised and highly trained to work on complex tasks.

Examples of skilled workers are policemen, engineers, doctors, pharmacists, soldiers, and accountants.

skilled labor


a skilled labor is a person who has a special skill, training, knowledge,and ability in their work

Skilled labor


(A) Skilled labor


The skilled labor is one of the type of labor who has specialized in their specific skill domain and knowledge.

The skilled labor basically refers to the worker that who invest high on their education and training. They can perform various types of complex tasks and also operate the equipment with high complexity but with the supervision.

On the other hand, all the options are incorrect as the professional labor do not need any supervisions because they are already professional with their task.

Therefore, Option (A) is correct.

D. Skilled labor


Skilled labor refers to the type of the workforce who are specialized in terms of know-how, experience and training to perform the complex physical, and or mental tasks.

The Skilled labors are characterized as the labor having following attributes:

Higher education, Expertise training and experience

The skilled labor  tends to seek higher wages.

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