Scenario: you are the operations section chief at the incident ,nd post and request that all response communications be conducted using a pre-determined set of frequencies. you also remind everyone in the field to use plain language. what nims management characteristics are you supporting? select all that apply.
a. common terminologyb. management by objectivesc. incident action planningd. integrated communicationse. unified ,ndf. accountability


The correct answers are a. Common Terminology; d. Integrated Communications


Common terminology is a writing style for writing documents that are easy to understand. The language used is concise, direct and does not omit any details. All of the above creates a simpler reading experience, which makes its content understood at the first reading.

For its part, integrated communications applied to marketing, as the name implies, coordinate and integrate all the tools, ways and sources of marketing communication of an organization. This integration, which includes activities such as advertising, public relations, CRM, event management, etc. It is developed within the framework of a coherent program that aims to efficiently maximize the impact on customers and other stakeholders.

Common Terminology and Integrated Communications are the NIMS Management Characteristics supported by Operations Section Chief.


 Common Terminology feature of NIMS hepls the organisation to work together and integrated during the hazardous and emergency conditions. The standard terms are used for the important tasks and organisation's unit. The types and capabilities of the teams, persons,etc are used for describing the resources. All work under a common name and use common terms.

The Integrated communications  has a common plan and the communicating process are inter operable in nature.  It helps in connecting various different agencies to work together. Data and voice links are included under this.

Common Terminology

Integrated Communications


Common Terminology:  

NIMS establishes common terminology because this puts to work together different organizations in a wide variety of emergency functions and mortal scenarios without any problem caused by miscommunication.

Here are some common terminology covers:

Organizational Functions: Major functions and units are defined with really simple terms.

Resource Descriptions: Resources (personnel, equipment, teams, and facilities) have really common names that are based on their type and what they can do.

Incident Facilities: Buildings and streets in an incident area are designated using simplified terms.

Integrated communications:

Integrated communications allow units from different workplaces to stay connected, to share vital information and achieve situational awareness.

Incident managers make it easier to communicate through the development and use of:

A common communications plan

Interoperable communications processes and systems

Systems that include both voice and data links

A. Common terminology

D. Integrated Communications


Common terminology

This involves the use of standard and common terms in communications ensuring it's clear and efficient. It includes the use of clear texts and plain languages in communications. When the operations chief reminded everyone to use plain languages, he supported the NIMS characteristics of common terminology.

Integrated Communications

This involves the use of hardware communication devices like radios, mobile phones and so on. They are used in transferring information from one place to the other. Frequencies to be used are predetermined. Hence, when the operations chief request that all response communications be conducted using a pre-determined set of frequencies he supported the characteristics of NIMS integrated communications.

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