Which of the following is an example of self-interest that attempts to promote the public interest?
a mother prevents her children from becoming vaccinated against measles, mumps, and rubella because of fears of autism.
the president of the united states restricts american consumers from buying foreign-made products.
an entrepreneur risks his life savings to open up a grocery store in an underserved area.
the new york yankees beat the boston red sox.


lbc corporation makes and sells a product called product wz. each unit of product wz requires 4.1 hours of direct labor at the rate of $20.00 per direct labor-hour. management would like you to prepare a direct labor budget for june. the company plans to sell 28,000 units of product wz in june. the finished goods inventories o

the clients (funders) and customers (individual nonprofit staff) are great to work with. that i can be open about being a person of faith when appropriate. the variety of my tasks each day.

The president of the United States restricts American consumers from buying foreign-made products


Self interest is an action taken by an individual solely for his personal benefit. The opposite of self interest is public interest, public interest is individual action that tend to benefit the general public.

The directive from the president of the United States restricting consumers from buying foreign-made products is an action that will protect the individual citizens from the harmful effect of foreign goods as well improve the economic condition of united states, this may be in the area of encouraging the home industry, improved trade balance, foreign exchange management, e.t.c.

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