You have just taken a job as an entry-level manager for a company that provides rug-cleaning services. the company has a large national presence, with offices in 40 u. s. states. you know you are starting at the bottom of the management ladder, but you hope to grow and rise through the ranks to become a senior manager. what is your likely salary range when you first take the job?


a. $45,000–$120,000


This is a manager position.

Is required for the position to motivate the workers, thus requiring leadership skills and communication skills. It will also require a flexible schedule as the hours per week will increase in this position. Most common there will be work outside the common 9-to-5

The customer service will be heavily in your responsabilities and you are going to need to handle customer complains as well.

All this makes for a well deserve salary over 40,000 per year but ussually, no more than 60,000

(D) $14,000–$20,000


We will calcualte based on the current minimun wage at september 2019 7.25 USD per hour

we will assume it works a full-time five days and half-day the saturdays totalizing a 44 hours week

and there is 52 week per year

7.25 USD per hour

x 44 hours per week

x 52 weeks per year

16.588 yearly wages

with no overtime the wages will be in the range of option D

$35,000 - $60,000


First, the Multiple Options






Premises for Assumption and Choice

The first premise is that the job is entry level while the second premise is that the job is that of a manager. The third and final premise is that the rug-cleaning service is a big company with national presence across 40 U.S.states.

With these premise in mind, first, managers' salaries are usually higher than  normal workers, as such, it should be higher than $14,000-$20,000 for a start. Secondly, because the job is entry level the salary range is not expected to be as high as senior managers or even middle level managers. Middle level managers should earn about $45,000-$120,000 while high level managers should earn $80,000 - $200,000.

Finally, since it is a large conglomerate, the salary range will be higher than $26,000 - $29,000 which may be an appropriate range for low-level managers in a smaller conglomerate.

This leaves the $35,000 - $60,000 salary range for the job

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