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answer///video, because samuel can show his work in real time and be better understood;

it's actually a very difficult task, due to not many people can make 2 million dollars in 2 years. besides that, to the not-so-realistic ideas, you can create a business. it could be practically anything, but make it into a business that isn't that known yet, you get me? also, lets not forget about stock market. that's where all the good stuff happens. use investments at the beginning and begin to raise up your business or whatever you're going to do. as this is a very non-realistic idea, it's still worth the shot!


henry is an economist and wants to understand the relationship between inflation and consumer spending habits. for his research, he needs the consumer price index for 2014 and the inflation rate. based on the prices of goods given, what will he find to be the cpi and inflation rate for 2014? assume that a consumer’s basket for three consecutive years consists of the following:

you dont privide answer choices.

answer - 15% of a inflatation rate is 15% less in cpi

yeah its a ok ! just ask the qestoin and someone well answer !

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