Aaron says to mitt, "in consideration of you being such a swell guy, i’m going to give you $100." is there consideration sufficient to enforce this promise?


A: Hallie's Father can buy 5 tickets

B: Hallie can buy 2 tickets

C: $24.75

Step-by-step explanation:

A: x=amount of tickets hallie's father can buy


x=5.3 but you can't buy .3 tickets so..

5 tickets.

B: y=amount of tickets Hallie can buy


y=2.42 but you can't buy .24 tickets so..

2 tickets

C: not sure how much the popcorn costs but $24.75 for 3 tickets


Step-by-step explanation:

1.i'm going to be an aunt

2.I think we're going to have Miss Jones for english next year,but i'm not sure

3.i'm going to give you your video game back tomorrow -i promise!

"thinks that Jim is trying to trick him" sounds the most accurate

"the slaveowner thinks that Jim is trying to trick him."

The slave owner thinks Jim is trying to trick him

<3 hoped this helped <3


bru you give me the tisms for this question


6. specialized
8. multi-cellular
14. gluclose
15. asexual
14. could be glucose
8. could be multicellular
15. could be chloroplast
I honestly don't know on 6. could be multicellular too but idk



Consideration is the price of a promise to do something or abstain from doing something. Aaron's promise to Mitt to pay $100 will be treated as past consideration if it was given at the desire of Aaron. So there is sufficient consideration to enforce this promise.  

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