What is an action plan? an exercise program to increase your strength a list of goals that need to be reached to obtain a vision a list of specific steps needed to be done to reach a goal the result of a self-assessment


income statement is prepared in order to show the profits and loss of a business. in order to prepare the income statement she should collect all the income and expenses of the product with the cost of production.

the new gas bill will be 0

A list of specific steps needed to be done to reach a goal


An action plan shows the steps that must be taken to achieve a specified objective. It is a document that outlines the path that needs to be followed to meet the set goals.  An action plan gives details on the of every step, and its relevance to attaining the overall goal.

The details contained in each step include

The financial resources required to accomplish the stepSource of the  financeThe tasks that need to be performedThe individual to perform each taskThe supervisor of the stepThe desired outcome from the step

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