In the fictional country of thelisia, income and social services are distributed equally among its citizens. however, they must pay high taxes, and they experience high levels of unemployment. thelisia is an example of a(n) nation.


answerreactive approach;

answerprotecting competitors;



The Emphasis of Socialism which is practiced in a socialist economy is collective or public ownership of all the means of production. The characteristic of such an economy is that all decisions on the production and distribution of goods and services are in the hands  of the government and there is an absolute dependence on Government by the citizenry for their welfare and daily services.

Of course, because the government decides how resources are distributed, the ultimately control the entire resource of the state and as such, they can determine tax levels. Furthermore, since the welfare of the people does not depend on their earnings from jobs and businesses then there will also exist a high level of unemployment

Thelisia based on the explanation above is therefore a socialist nation.

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