Marcus works in a ""modern"" organization; he works alongside the cio and cfo to strategize and implement information systems within the organization. marcus is the company’s


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“what is occurring when you buy a united states saving bond? you are paying for your child’s college education. you are borrowing money from saving and loan association. you are loaning money to the government. “ i hope this information you.

The correct answer is the CEO (Chief Executive Officer)


A company' Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is involved in creating, planning, implementing and integrating strayegic direction of an organisation.

The CEO works closely with the Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Chief Financial officer (CFO) to strategize and implement information system.

The CIO is involved in the management, implementation and usability of information. The CFO on the otherhand manages the financial actions of the company, while the Information System Director manages all daily operations.

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