In the​ short-run, we assume that capital is a fixed input and labor is a variable​ input, so the firm can increase output only by increasing the amount of labor it uses. in the​ short-run, the​ firm's production function is q = f(l, k), where q is output, l is workers, and k is the fixed number of units of capital. a specific equation for the production function is given by: q = 8kl + 5l^2 - 1/3l^3or when k = 27q = (8 x 27 x l) + 5l^2 - 1/3l^31. the level of output q for 6 units of labor input is (enter your response rounded up to two decimal places). 2. the average productivity of these 6 units of labor (enter your response rounded up to two decimal places) 3. the marginal productivity of using one more unit of labor input (enter your response rounded up o two decimal places). 4. given the relationship between the average productivity and the marginal productivity, the average productivity of labor is


Well, first you'd have to get the x by it's self.
Subtract 3x from each side and you'll have the x on only one side rather than two.
Now I'd get rid of the 1 on the x's side. So just subtract 1 from each side.
Then you should make it so the seven isn't there with the x either. Just divide each side by 7.
Each time you change something on one side, you must do the same to the other side. T find the value of a variable in an equation, simple seclude it so it's on it's own without number to make things confusing.
The answer was x=8/7 btw.
Oh! these are fun! ok so:

First, put the variables on one side,and the normal numbers on the other.
Keep in mind that u have to change the sign (+ or -) when you switch sides.

Then group the numbers (10x-3x=7x)

Lastly, isolate the x, to get the

Hope this helps!

Step-by-step explanation:


hi just substitute value friend

b. when the body converts a nutrient  to another substance, there  is no effect on mass balance.


The law of mass balance states that the mass stays the same in any chemical reaction, that is the reason why a nutrient in human body transforms to another substance like another substance, into muscles (that has mass), a body fluid ( that has mass) or another substance, but the total mass will keep the same, just in a different shape, nature or state.

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