At a busy intersection in atlanta, there are four competing gas stations. each of the stations charges about the same for each gallon of gasoline. the pricing objectives of these firms is
1. survival.
2. market share goals.
3. status-quo pricing.
4. profit maximization.
5. competitive


The pricing objective of these firms is STATUS QUO PRICING. Status quo pricing involves the strategic copying of one's competitors prices for a particular product or service in the market in order to conform to the way things are. Increase in the price of that product in the market will make the consumers to buy instead from one's competitors.

3. status-quo pricing


Based on the information provided within the question it can be said that the pricing objective for these firms is status-quo pricing. This is a pricing strategy of copying the prices of the competitors in the same industry or maintaining the current price that the company already has. This is what the gas stations in Atlanta are doing by charging the same prices.

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