The following set of main points for a persuasive speech on a question of policy follows which pattern of organization? i. childhood obesity is a serious health crisis in the united states. il. childhood obesity is caused by a range of factors from poor nutrition to lack of exercise. ill. childhood obesity can be reduced by action from parents, schools, and the fast-food industry. a. progressive b. comparative advantages c. problem-cause-solution d. monroe's motivated sequence e. need-plan-practicality


President James Monroe wanted to warn the European powers not to interfere with the affairs of the Western Hemisphere. And that what made James Monroe create a message to Congress that included the Monroe Doctrine.
It’s letter c for the answer of this question

The Monroe Doctrine was caused primarily by colonization efforts by European countries and Russia in the Western Hemisphere.

In the Monroe Doctrine, President James Monroe establishes the idea that the Western Hemisphere is no longer open to colonization. In this document, Monrore discusses how the US will not interfer with any colonies already established. However, any attempts by a foreign country to colonize countries (especially in the Latin American countries) would be meet with military confrontation by the United States army.

The correct answer is letter C.

Explanation: The Monroe Doctrine emerged during the rule of James Monroe, President of the United States from 1817 to 1825, and was a reaction of the Americans to the threat that existed at that time that the American continent was invaded and recolonized by European nations, the that would endanger their interests.

The correct answer is C) Spain and Portugal wanted to regain Latin American lands that they had lost.

The Monroe Doctrine (1823) was the product of president James Monroe. In this document, he developed a foreign policy that would greatly shape America's development during the 19th century. In this document, Monroe stated that any new attemps of European colonization in the Western Hemisphere would be met with military conflict by the United States. In other words, Monroe was stopping European countries from colonizing more territories in the Western Hemisphere (primarily the Latin American territories).

Monroe did not want to take away any colonies already established, rather he wanted to stop countries like Spain and Portugal from re-entering the Western Hemisphere and gaining influence.

Monroe's motivated sequence


Monroe's motivated sequence is a persuasion skill which consist of this five steps attention, need, satisfaction, visualization and action. This method of speech are mostly used by sales agent.

C. Spain and Portugal wanted to regain Latin American lands they had lost

C. Problem-cause-solution


A problem-cause-solution pattern is an approach of critical thinking that is factual and evaluative.  The pattern is used in presentations,  writing case studies, and scientific reports.  Academicians and business people use this pattern in submitting their proposals.

The pattern first defines the problems. Analysis and diagnosis then follow. The stage involves an evaluation of processes and causes that contribute to the problem. Lastly, the pattern suggests solutions to the discussed challenges.

Letter c is correct.  Problem-cause-solution.


I. Childhood obesity is a serious health crisis in the United States. PROBLEM

Il. Childhood obesity is caused by a range of factors from poor nutrition to lack of exercise. CAUSE

Ill. Childhood obesity can be reduced by action from parents, schools, and the fast-food industry. SOLUTION

The pattern of organizing persuasive discourse based on the problem-cause-solution pattern is beneficial for expressing ideas through critical, argumentative, and evaluative thinking.

Generally this pattern is used in scientific studies, presentations, speeches, case studies and others. By first presenting the problem and then discussing the causes and finally bringing a solution, it makes the speech much more acceptable and reliable, due to the analytical demonstration and exposure of the facts that lead to the problem, and the solution proposal emerges as a final factor that adds to the discourse as a whole and meets the needs of readers or listeners.

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