Which of the following is intended to demonstrate to an employer the importance of cooperating with workers? a. a collective agreement. b. a stock offer. c. a boost in production. d. a work slowdown. 2b2t


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The Publix chain of supermarkets has stated, We will not knowingly disappoint you. If for any reaso

int i = 0; i < names.size(); i++


The ArrayList must be read in the forward direction, and it is going to start from 0 certainly. Also, the iteration is going to end when i is exactly one less than the size of the ArrayList. And this is possible only if we choose the option mentioned in the Answer section. In this, i starts from 0 and iterates till i is one less than name.size() which is the size of the ArrayList.

Individual retirement Account (IRA) is intended primarily to enhance a person's tax advantage and retirement income.

An individual retirement account refers to tax advantage investing tool that is used by individual to earmark funds for retirement savings. It is the tax advantage account that helps individual save for retirement.

Further Explanation

One of the primary advantages of IRA is that individual have the privilege to defer paying taxes on the earnings and growth of the saving until the money is withdrawn.  As of 2019, there are several types of IRAs; they include Roth IRAs, traditional IRAs, SEP IRAs and SIMPLE IRAs.

IRAs are often described as individual retirement arrangement due to the fact that investments carried out in IRAs involve different types of financial product such as bond, mutual fund, stocks and ETS.

A self-directed IRAs refers to either traditional or Roth IRAs in which investors have the sole responsibility to make investment decisions for their account. It also gives investors the opportunity to access different investments such as private placement, real estate and tax liens.

Individual that are Self-employed and owners of small scale business establish simple and SEP IRAs. Also individual taxpayers establish Roth and traditional IRAs. Institutions offering this account must have been approved by the internal Revenue service.


IRAs: type of individual retirement account: traditional Individual Retirement Account and a Roth IRA:  


individual retirement fundstaxaccount.internal revenue service

i think the answer is act but its not ap

To increase sales




1. lookingFor.equals(Names[i])

When comparing Strings, you wanna use .equals() cause String is a 'reference type'.  (You'll use == for primitive types).
1. A D. MUTUAL FUND is invested by managers in a diversity of stocks, bonds, and other securities. 2. Jane has a checkbook balance of $68.00. She then writes two checks, one for $5.00 and one for $62.50. She also deposits $75.00. She then uses her calculator to determine her new balance. Which of the following is the correct series of keys she should press? D. ON/C 6 8 – 5 – 6 2 . 5 0 + 7 5 = 3. Marlin Davies buys a truck for $28,000. In three years, the car depreciates 48% in value. How much is the car worth in three years? B. $14,560  28,000 * (1-0.48) = 28,000 * 0.52 = 14,560 4. Ray Cupple bought a basic car costing $10,150.00, with options costing $738.00. There is a 6% sales tax in his state and a combined $50.00 license and registration fee. What was Ray's total cost? B. $11,591.28  10,150 + 738 = 10,888 * 1.06 = 11,541.28 + 50 = 11,591.28 5. A share of stock in the Lofty Cheese Company is quoted at 25 1/4. Suppose you hold 30 shares of that stock, which you bought at 20 1/4. If you sell your stock at 25 1/4, which one of the following statements would be true? A. You'll make a profit of $150.  (30*25 ¼ ) – (30 * 20 ¼) = 757.50 – 607.50 = 150 6. Which of the following best describes term life insurance? B. The insured pays a premium for a specified number of years. 7. The Hamilton Brush Company issued 2,500 shares of common stock worth $100,000.00 total. What is the par value of each share? D. $40.00  100,000 / 2,500 = 40.00 8. The Emerson First National Bank is lending you money to buy a new car. The loan agreement will probably state that you must carry B. COLLISION insurance. 9. All insurance is based on a principle called A. DIVISION OF RISK. 10. The coverage included in an automobile insurance policy that covers property damage is B. LIABILITY insurance. 11. Which of the following devices imparts ownership in a corporation? D. Stock 12. D. BASIC health insurance coverage pays for at least part of hospital costs and fees. 13. Lorenzo has a checkbook balance of $118.00. He writes two checks, one for $9.00 and one for $84.25. He then deposits $95.00. Finally, he uses his calculator to determine his new balance. Which one of the following series represents the correct order in which he should press the keys on his calculator? C. 118 – 9 – 84.25 + 95 14. What type of stock receives an equal part of the profits on each share to be distributed after all other obligations of a company have been satisfied? B. Common 15. Which of the following is intended primarily to enhance a person's tax advantage and retirement income? D. U.S. Savings Bond 16. What is the first step that a smart new-car buyer should take before talking to salespersons and putting a deposit on a car? B. Study the car market. 17. A is a group of people who agree to save their money together and to make loans to each other at a relatively low rate of interest. B. credit union 18. John Gray bought a basic car for $8,250.00, with options that cost $324.00. There's a 6% sales tax in his state and a combined $50.00 license and registration fee. What was John's total cost? B. $9,138.44 19. Jane Marko buys a car for $11,400.00. In three years, the car depreciates 48% in value. How much is the car worth in three years? D. $5,928.00 20. With insurance, the insured agrees to pay a specific premium each year until death. C. whole-life

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