The different concepts in the architecture operating model are aligned with how the business chooses to integrate and standardize with an enterprise solution. in the the technology solution shares data across the enterprise.


The correct answer is letter "A": coordinated operating model.


We can identify four (4) Enterprise Operating Models: Coordination Operating Model, Unification Operating Model, Diversification Operating Model, and Replication Operating Model. The Coordination Operating Model is used by autonomous businesses that share customers, products or suppliers. In such a case, one business operations have an impact on the transactions of other businesses' units. Besides, there is consensus in the design of Information Technology (IT) infrastructure service since the data is shared among all the network.

Option d: unified operating model


The unified operating model is a model based on the idea that the business data are shared across the enterprises globally. The business units in the enterprise run the similar business operation even though they are distributed in different region of the world. The distinct operation in the unit level will be standardized in high level. The business data managed and stored centrally so that the business unit can access the consistent data.  

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