Read the excerpt from "Speech to National Council of
Which technique does Rice use in this excerpt to
education is
Negro Women* by Condoleezza Rice.
convince the audience that higher
My grandfather understood something, and so did my
grandmother and my mother's parents, and that is that
higher education, if you can attain it, is transforming.
O imagery to create pathos
You may come
from a poor family, you may come from
O repetition to create pathos
a rural family, you may be first-generation college-
• imagery to create ethos
educated, but once you are college-educated, the
O word choice to create ethos
most important thing about you, in many ways, is that
you're a college graduate and you are transformed.


Where is the data? ? and graph

air enters through the nose, moves through the nasal cavity, the pharynx, the larynx, enters the trachea, moves through the bronchi andbronchioles till the alveoli.

bradykinin is a physiologically and pharmacologically active peptide of the kinin group of proteins, consisting of nine amino acids.

when you breathe in, or inhale, your diaphragm contracts (tightens) and moves downward. this increases the space in your chest cavity, into which your lungs expand. the intercostal muscles between your ribs also enlarge the chest cavity. they contract to pull your rib cage both upward and outward when you inhale.

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