Why are the products of the light reaction of photosynthesis important?


It is important because they are used to produce sugar during the dark reaction

The products of the light reactions of the photosynthesis are important because they produce food for the plants, as well as having the oxygen as a waste.

The light is what makes the photosynthesis possible. During this process the plants create sugars, thus making their own food, which enables them to survive and prosper. Since the plants are producers and they are the basis of the ecosystems their survival is crucial for most of the living organisms on the planet. Also, as a waste from this process is released the oxygen. The oxygen is returned into the atmosphere, thus contributing to larger amounts of this crucial gas for the survival of the animals.

The products of light reactions are used to complete the process of photosynthesis in plants.

In the process of light reaction, energy molecules like ATP and NADPH are formed. The chemical energy with in these two molecules is used to produce glucose in the dark reaction stage of photosynthesis.  

The process of photosynthesis involves two stages:  

a)Stage I - In the thylakoid membranes, light reaction takes place and produce chemical energy in the form of ATP and NADPH.

b)Stage II – The second stage also known as dark reaction takes place in the stroma of chloroplast where sugar is produced by using chemical energy produced in stage I.

the products helps with  the reactions to create photosynthesis

Light reaction gives off energy carrying molecules such as ATP and NADH.

Answer : Light reactions are important in photosynthesis because

The light reaction provides the required amount of chemical energy in the form of ATP (Adenosine Tri phosphate) and NADPH (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide Phosphate) . After this reaction the chemical energy generated is later used to make glucose for performing the dark reactions of photosynthesis.

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The first step of photosynthesis is light reaction, in which photolysis of the water molecules takes place.

The water molecules breaks down into hydrogen, oxygen and electrons in the presence of the light.

The end product is hydrogen which is taken by NADP to form NADPH. The electron is used to convert ADP into ATP. and the oxygen is released into the environment.

Both ATP and NADPH is used as a power source in the production of the glucose during the dark reaction.

It is important because they are used to produce sugar during the dark reaction.

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