Compare and contrast what happens to an animal, a plant, and a protist cell in an isotonic solution.

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16. A Couple with the ability to taste PTC have two grown sons and one grown daughter. The sons have the ability to taste PTC. Their daughter is a PTC non-taster. She married with...Read More
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1. Stella's urine contains protein due to inadequate reabsorption.2. High toxin levels in blood are due to Secretion,3. Increased Metabolic wastes are due to inadequate Reabsorptio...Read More
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Molecules called lipids have long hydrocarbon chains that determine the way they act. they can be fats, oils, or hormones, and even exist in our cell membranes ...Read More
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A)animal cells must be in osmotic equilibrium with their surrounding environments, because if they swell or shrink their membranes will rupture....Read More
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